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Bushnell Scopes

August 4, 2010

Bushnell has been around for over 50 years suppling outdoors men with scopes, laser range finders and other optics to help make the outdoor experience more enjoyable.  Bushnell not only offers a variety of items they also offer great prices.  The gear is affordable and reliable.  I have used many different Bushnell products during my life and have found that they are great products.

Bushnell’s Elite series of scopes offers a fog proof, waterproof and shock proof with their Elite bullet proof warranty which gives that shooter the comfort that their scope is covered and in the rare event that it does fail.  Bushnell also offers a “no questions asked”  1 year replacement policy (US Only) for their Line of Elite scopes.  This means that Bushnell will replace your Elite series scope or give you a  full refund if within the first year you do not feel it is the best scope you have used.  This shows that Bushnell feels confident about their products.  I have never had to use their replacement warranty but from what I have read on several message boards hunters have had an easy time when sending the scope back for replacement or their refund.

My family has used Bushnell products for as long as I can remember.  A large reason we buy their products is because of their price.  However, it is not the only reason.  Their are many other scope manufactures out there that offer lower cost scopes but the quality is not near what Bushnell offers.  Being a family that did not have much money to spend on expensive items we needed to find the products that would last and still be affordable.  Even now with my father being retired and being able to afford higher cost items my father still uses Bushnell products. He had just bought a Bushnell legend 1200 laser range finder and he loves it.  This thing gets used on a daily basis during the archery season and he has had no problems with it no matter what the weather conditions are. Do not overlook Bushnell products if you are in the process of looking for optics for hunting.  You can not go wrong with them.

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