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Hunting Season is Almost Here

July 30, 2010

It is August and deer hunting season is right around the corner.  While it is still a couple months a way hunters should be out scouting their areas.  I have been looking around for a good while now and I am starting to narrow down the places I am going to focus on.  This is also a good time for hunters to start putting out their trail cameras if they have not done so already.  I have found that they help tremendously when trying to determine when deer are moving through the area and to see what kind of buck you may be going after.  No doubt that these early patterns for buck will change when the rut comes in later in the season  but it will give you a great idea on how the deer will move in beginning of hunting season.

In addition, August is the time that the bows should be brought out.  Some hunters shoot year round and that is great but for most hunters they do not have the time to do that.  So it is important for them to start a soon as they can.  I believe that the more you shoot the better your chance are that you will kill a deer when you get the opportunity.   To many hunters wait to the last minute to start shooting and I feel that this is the wrong thing to do.  You will only get one shot with the bow and you have to be ready when it comes available.

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