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Review of Trijicon’s ACOGS

July 25, 2010

Trijicon makes a line of optics called ACOGS (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights) which come in a variety of models.  From my personal experience in Iraq these optics are perfect for the tactical shooter.   This line of optics are great for low light and no light conditions because of Trijicon’s patented tritium illuminated reticle patterns.  One of the best points of the ACOGS is that there illuminated optics are not depended on batteries.  This gives them an additional level of reliability to shooters who are dependent on the optics needing to work at all times.  In addition, ACOGS are very versatile and are outstanding in a close combat environments as well as if you need to shoot at longer distances.  The design of the optics also make it extremely easy for a shooter to acquire a target in the sight.  My experience in Iraq has shown me that a soldier with an ACOG was able to pull up their weapon and acquire the target faster than someone with open sights.

I must also mention that ACOGS are not only great for the tactical shooter but are great for some hunting applications as well.  Trijicon offers different models with different magnifications and colors and types of reticles.  The same advantages they offers soldiers can also be applied to hunting.  As a hunter I know how important it is to be able to acquire a target quickly and I also have experience batteries dying on a red dot scope.

To learn more about ACOGS you can visit Trijicon’s website.

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