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Bushnell Scopes

August 4, 2010

Bushnell has been around for over 50 years suppling outdoors men with scopes, laser range finders and other optics to help make the outdoor experience more enjoyable.  Bushnell not only offers a variety of items they also offer great prices.  The gear is affordable and reliable.  I have used many different Bushnell products during my life and have found that they are great products.

Bushnell’s Elite series of scopes offers a fog proof, waterproof and shock proof with their Elite bullet proof warranty which gives that shooter the comfort that their scope is covered and in the rare event that it does fail.  Bushnell also offers a “no questions asked”  1 year replacement policy (US Only) for their Line of Elite scopes.  This means that Bushnell will replace your Elite series scope or give you a  full refund if within the first year you do not feel it is the best scope you have used.  This shows that Bushnell feels confident about their products.  I have never had to use their replacement warranty but from what I have read on several message boards hunters have had an easy time when sending the scope back for replacement or their refund.

My family has used Bushnell products for as long as I can remember.  A large reason we buy their products is because of their price.  However, it is not the only reason.  Their are many other scope manufactures out there that offer lower cost scopes but the quality is not near what Bushnell offers.  Being a family that did not have much money to spend on expensive items we needed to find the products that would last and still be affordable.  Even now with my father being retired and being able to afford higher cost items my father still uses Bushnell products. He had just bought a Bushnell legend 1200 laser range finder and he loves it.  This thing gets used on a daily basis during the archery season and he has had no problems with it no matter what the weather conditions are. Do not overlook Bushnell products if you are in the process of looking for optics for hunting.  You can not go wrong with them.


Hunting Season is Almost Here

July 30, 2010

It is August and deer hunting season is right around the corner.  While it is still a couple months a way hunters should be out scouting their areas.  I have been looking around for a good while now and I am starting to narrow down the places I am going to focus on.  This is also a good time for hunters to start putting out their trail cameras if they have not done so already.  I have found that they help tremendously when trying to determine when deer are moving through the area and to see what kind of buck you may be going after.  No doubt that these early patterns for buck will change when the rut comes in later in the season  but it will give you a great idea on how the deer will move in beginning of hunting season.

In addition, August is the time that the bows should be brought out.  Some hunters shoot year round and that is great but for most hunters they do not have the time to do that.  So it is important for them to start a soon as they can.  I believe that the more you shoot the better your chance are that you will kill a deer when you get the opportunity.   To many hunters wait to the last minute to start shooting and I feel that this is the wrong thing to do.  You will only get one shot with the bow and you have to be ready when it comes available.

Review of Trijicon’s ACOGS

July 25, 2010

Trijicon makes a line of optics called ACOGS (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights) which come in a variety of models.  From my personal experience in Iraq these optics are perfect for the tactical shooter.   This line of optics are great for low light and no light conditions because of Trijicon’s patented tritium illuminated reticle patterns.  One of the best points of the ACOGS is that there illuminated optics are not depended on batteries.  This gives them an additional level of reliability to shooters who are dependent on the optics needing to work at all times.  In addition, ACOGS are very versatile and are outstanding in a close combat environments as well as if you need to shoot at longer distances.  The design of the optics also make it extremely easy for a shooter to acquire a target in the sight.  My experience in Iraq has shown me that a soldier with an ACOG was able to pull up their weapon and acquire the target faster than someone with open sights.

I must also mention that ACOGS are not only great for the tactical shooter but are great for some hunting applications as well.  Trijicon offers different models with different magnifications and colors and types of reticles.  The same advantages they offers soldiers can also be applied to hunting.  As a hunter I know how important it is to be able to acquire a target quickly and I also have experience batteries dying on a red dot scope.

To learn more about ACOGS you can visit Trijicon’s website.

HJS Optics – A Leader in Hunting Scopes and Optics

July 23, 2010

HJSoptics is proud to serve our customers with the finest red dot, tactical, and ACOG scopes. Visit our  store to find over 600 products.

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